Saturday, November 14, 2009

A big load of scrap...

Here's everything I have scrapped since the retreat 3 weeks ago.. I seem to go in fits and spurts.. Mel came over last night and I did two.. ..Got me going.. and I did three today..
I have a new approach to my scrapping..I was watching Oprah the other day and one of her guest..The author to 'Eat Pray Love'..was on and was talking about her philosophy.. So in between hanging and folding a never ending supply of clean washing..I listened. I had an epihany (sp?).. I wasn't sure what she was referring to exactly..But her point was that we do things that we are supposed to enjoy..But even doing those things feel like we are never doing them good enough..I fall into that cycle with scrapping all the time..and lose my mojo and my inclination as well.. After the retreat I realise alot of us do that..Looking at other ladies scrapping, thinking theirs is so much better..
Well not anymore! I like scrapping. I am sticking things down without thinking too much, I am not looking over my shoulder and trying not to worry whether my pages are good enough.. I have lots of photos and I need to get scrapping!
Go for it too!
C xx


  1. I absolutely love your work. It is amazing! You are very talented, along with the wonderful Mel...I love looking at your blog and seeing what you have come up with. I know my mojo comes and goes and I am always picking my layouts apart but one thing I learnt this year is not to do that anymore. That we are all who we are..unique..enjoy what you love to do...By the way you have GORGEOUS girls...Have a great day

  2. I Love all your LOs very inspiring! Love your new outlookon scrapbooking. I too feel like tis and I try to adopt that same philosophy but nevers seems to happen!!!! Still stress far too much!!! enjoy your scrappin'!
    LOVE, LOVE your photography!!!!!

  3. For what it's worth, I think your scrapping is awe-inspiring! I love them! Such inspiration here!
    I heard Elizabeth Lambert (Eat, Pray, Love speak on TED (an online inspirational site). She was fantastic! She was talking about 'genius' and I found what she had to say really thought provoking - it resonated with me.
    Thanks for sharing all those gorgeous layouts!