Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cleaning confession #3

A friend mentioned the other day that my kitchen was remarkably clean after dinner..and yes it was and is...Yes...I clean up my kitchen to avoid my toddler..Naughty Mummy..But seriously she is crazy beautiful. If I sat down instead of rushing around like a blue arse fly..She would mob me..Drape her gorgeous little self all over me..Suck on my trackies..Try to take off my glasses..Post her sticky little chubbies in my mouth..Give me a toy, take the toy back..Give me the toy, take it back..Give me the toy..You get the idea.. If I turned the Tv up to hear over her gabbling and accomanying "ta's"with the give and take routine..She would simpy get louder. And as this time passed..I would get grumpy as would she and the kitchen..Well it would still be covered in dinner crap..SO you see a clean kitchen serves it purpose..She 'helps' load the dishwasher and then racks off with a suitably full tummy to annoy her sisters in the toy room..Better then than me! By the time I am done she is ready to be plonked in the just run bath and then yes..I sit with her and chat and play and splash, and read etc..Both of us happy and ready for the bottle/ blankie routine once it is all done..AND my kitchen is a glowin'..
Mind..When Dadda is home..He makes the ktichen sparkle and I rack off to the bath..Door closed..Good book..Until M locates me and accosts me in the bath..Ratbag, devil, cutie wootie..
That's my confession..

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  1. Hehe. She is a cutie though. How can you resist all that cuteness.