Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I reread my post yesterday..And I smiled..I knew I wanted to add more..These two photos aren't perfect..Actually I rescued them from the recycle bin on my laptop..Because they really tell the tale.. How much my DH loves me..Willing to stop in the middle of Docklands and pose while I run back and forth between the tripod. Pressing the timer button and running back into the shot. As you can see I didn't always make it back! We were crackin'up - it was so funny. In the top one - or course was me wanting to be a bit creative, we obviously eventually got it right..(See previous post!) But I for some unknown reason thought I was as light as freakin feather and literally leapt onto his back..Ha! He hit the deck..Had dirt on his knuckles..Seriously is it my fault he has freakishly caveman length arms??
Which brings me to my list..

Things I know about him after ten years of wedded bliss:

his arms are freakishItalicly long ( and he is proud as punch of it..He can touch most roofs and loves to demonstrate this..)

he hates his feet ( I'm not particualrly keen on them either..but love the rest of him..)

he has a Blue steel look for photos ( I am tring to brreak the habit..reeeeally trying)

he loves dark chocky and always tries to convince me to eat it for all it's antioxidants..nah milk all the way baby..sorry

he likes a lukewarm shower and bath...aargh..the hotter the better for me..No romantic soaks in the tub for us..He can't get his pinky toe in it when I'm up to neck.. and I shiver and want to get out when he's relaxed and comfy..

he breaks into song when cleaning the kitchen..and sings ALL the wrong words..LOUDLY..Drives me batty.. truly..
He SNORES..Everynight..
He likes to clean and polish the cars.. Seriously can spend hours doing it..Then worries I will drive them in the rain..Does he not realise where we live???
He also clean the house.. Bless him..
He likes a glass of milo and cold milk with his nightly chocky..
He is obsessed with the weather.. We have a weather station.. and the weather website in the favourites folder..
He is the 'fart loser' - I am the fart queen.. and that's all I will say about that..
He dislikes shaving..Lucky I'm into scruffy..

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  1. Congratulations! Haha, I would have loved to have been there watching all those out-takes :). It sounds like you had a lovely time away.

    Do you think you can put my little stand in the post to me sometime soon? Ta :)