Friday, November 27, 2009

Beach trip...

The wonderful thing about a hot spring - little getaways to the beach before Christmas. On this occasion we ran into my brother and his family..So it was a bonus..Fun. boarding, beach cricket..And Miss M's first experience of waves and sand..Well not really..She was at the beach when she was really little - but I don't think that counts..

Of course she ate sand..and more sand..

The girls went boarding in the TINY little waves...and amde sandcastles all afternoon. Infact they dug a hole and spent hours going to and fro to the water to fill it..Who was I to stop them and explain that it was never going to fill? Needless to say we had tired little girls on the way home..

And little Miss loved all the seagulls...They loved her sandwich..

Her first bikini..And possibly her last......Not lomg after these photos were taken she took her bottle and crashed out in her pram in the shade for near on 2 hours..Bless her..
Top the evening off with a shower in the public toilets, a change of clothes for an impromptu photo shoot in the sunset and then KFC on the way home.. Heaven..


  1. It was lovely to meet you and your girls today! I love you blog, the photo's are amazing. Is it ok to get back to you re bunnies in the next few days? Are the four for all your girls? Your baby might be a bit young as they do have buttons etc. You could always save it for her, it's up to you. Lets chat re colours etc soon, my email is, take care xo

  2. Cold Shower not so heavenly!!!
    It was a great day, thanks for sharing it with us.