Monday, November 19, 2007

scrappy things..

Just thought I would post a few layouts I have done recently. Haven't scrapped this week though...CAn't seem to find the energy required...
The first is from Father's Day this year....

The bottom 2 are the first layouts from our Goldcoast holiday. We really didn't have that great a time at the Dubbo Zoo...Too hot and Grace was quite sick..But Rodda seems to think the layout makes it look as though we did! Must be good photos and materials hey?
Hope is all the right way up in your world....


  1. The layouts are gorgeous Celeste.
    i love dubbo zoo especially the bengal tigers (don't know if they are still there as i went a good 8-9 years ago. lol)


  2. These are gorgeous Celeste!
    And how amazing are you photos in the last couple of posts!!!!
    Hope you are well!
    Lus x