Saturday, November 10, 2007


It's fleeting, a moment..One minute it's there and then it's gone..Another moment takes it's place..Maybe not as sweet, but another one..Life is filled with them, big and little..Wonderful and ordinary...

I captured this little moment just the other day..She was standing beside me at the kitchen bench,just an ordinary afternoon, her hair wispy and flyaway... We weren't do anything special, just an ordinary afternoon.. So much so that right now I cannot recall what we may have been doing..

But her eyes, the way they were looking up at me, and the way her hair was framing her face at that exact second I had to capture it, keep it forever..

A moment..
Click... and it was mine...
Thanks baby girl...

LOve Mama xx


  1. What an amazing photo :) and a gorgeous girl as well!

    Yep, all about those little heart warming moments.

    Love Lisa

  2. Stunning image! Love those moments.

  3. I agree- what an amazing photo!!!

    Hi!! I have just finished 'scrap jacking' you and thought I would pop over here to let you know how much fun I had with my LO!!! Thanks a squillion!!!
    Have a great day!