Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Having mentioned to Rod a little while back that I might like a new lens to go on my Nikon...He shocked me by suggesting that we simply upgrade instead???

What planet was I living on?? Naturally I smiled sweetly and agreed completely! So began the saga of research (thanks Cindy for all you advice!)and getting ourselves a reasonable deal!! I also had to be able to sell my current camera!

So began the sales pitch! It eventually worked on Stacey...And she is the proud new owner of my first digi SLR!! Congrats Stace!

I was cameraless for only one day and I was starting to have desperate withdrawls! Naturally that meant a shopping expedition!
So now I am the proud new owener of a Canon 400D...I have a standard lens, a zoom lens and as of today a fixed lens...Great for portraits! I have a bigger case...
I did a photoshoot today of a friend's new baby and I was madly swapping lenses!
But I will post those later...Meanwhile here are some of my first shots with the Canon..Taken on Sunday evening at the park....I am still learning the ropes... But I did feel like a private investigator..Snapping away at the girls with a zoom lens!!!


  1. Wow! Those piccies of the girls are amazing celeste. You are obviously getting to know your new baby VERY well.
    Will miss you this weekend at the retreat.
    Would LOVE you to take some pics of my girlies soon!
    Pretty please??!!

  2. hi celeste the picture of hallie is stunning i hope you love your new toy as i really love mine bye for now stacey