Thursday, November 22, 2007

A 'Blue' photo shoot!

I had the lovely honour of snapping some shots of my good friend Kirsty's 3 little boys...She's just like me, twins plus one...But she has the opposite gender....

I do get a kick out of photographing little boys...They are so easy to work with and give such natural smiles..Plus it makes a nice change from pink!!

It was also my first photoshoot with my new camera...I am still navigating my way around it....

Introducing, Alex, Ben and baby Samuel.....

Thanks Kirst....


  1. Green jelly here girl!! Love that camera. how are you finding the colour vs the Nikon??

    Sweet photos. When are we going into business?

  2. Gorgeous shots Celeste. Your friend will love them.

  3. Beautiful totally have the nack for *awesome* photos:) *fiona*