Friday, October 14, 2011

They are 8....

Ha! I can hardly believe it has been 8 years since our sweet twinnies arrived.. They are growing into such beautfiful, sweet and caring young ladies. At the time they were born. Our family was considered complete.. I even stated so on their announcement cards. Hehehehe.. I think though they are mostly the reason I wanted more children. I know I was crazy busy during their first year. But ever since, they have been super adorable, well-mannered and tight. Never separated at school, their teachers believer they complement one another. They have the same social circle. Have always shared a bedroom. Went on a sleepover together without a backward glance. Look out for one another and are the most sharing kids.
In the older photo, (please forgive my red eyes, wonky glasses, bad hospital chair, inordinately large boobies and early scrapbooking capabilities!) Jemma is on the left. I know this for sure because she was bright red. Her blood was too thick when she was born, causing her to look extremely sunburned. She spent alot of time under phototherapy lights and it literally took three months to fade completely. She was in NICU for 24hrs and then in the SC nursery with Grace for a month..

In the recent photo, Jemma is on the right and Grace the left. (Please applaud my contacts, straightened hair, new outfit, new wrinkles, awesome camera and husband for taking the shot while half cut...Hehehehe) What a difference 8 yrs makes.. My beautiful twins. Shy, soft-spoken in public, loud, silly and raucous at home...Happy birthday...

Love Mama xx


  1. OMG i cant believe it, i can remember you bringing them into the shop and 1 would take the other ones food it was so funny. well best wishes to them

  2. I am amazed at how much your beautiful girls have grown. How time flies.... And you are still a stunning looking lady :) HAPPYT BIRTHDAY to your gorgeous girls xx