Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stuck Oct 15 sketch:

The second of the circles sketches for this month. This layout started out with a different photo on it.. The colours weren't working so I swapped to these photos from last Summer... Circles making me happy. Have I said that lately? I hung out with Ebony on the weekend and found that circles make her happy too...No pointy bits.. Life's pretty sweet when there is no pointy ends to jab yourself with...

More layouts from my crafty Sat to come..`

Jump over to Stuck and have a go at the sketch..

If you don't have a large circle cutter, trace around a bowl and cut carefully. Any uneven parts can be the bit hanging off the edges.. Flowers on a boy page.. But it's ok. I'm in it too...


  1. hahahaha..yep gotta love circles!!! You saw my bag of circles then????LOL
    Was great catching up...goodluck with your class this weekend...wish I was there!

  2. HI.. this is really lovely.. yes circles are good!!

  3. Love this!! You totally rocked the circles!! (they scare the jeepers out of me!)