Saturday, October 29, 2011

Here is one of thelayouts I left at the Imagination Factory Retreat for a challenge - and it won! This is currently one of my fave photos...So cute...  Some stickers on here from the new Crate Random range and the fabric purple frame is from Little Yellow Bicycle..If the title is confusing...Milla calls Jemma Memmy...So sweet..

And here is theother one I left behind - and it to one something..Woohoo! The tockets are from the new October afternoon sidewalks range.. Letters are way cool Sassfras..Which sadly will be no more ..So I hear.. Woodgrain paper is from the new Crate range called...Wait while I look for it....Aha...Farmers Market...Little man playing peekaboo..Some of the fitrst shots I ever took with my new camera...

Off to drop five kids off to three different locations for a sleepover..As we are having a sleepover in Melb tonight for our anniversary.. It's never easy when you want a night off around here..



  1. Such lovely layouts.

    Hope all the sleepovers were great. Happy anniversary.

  2. beautiful layouts.. happy anniversary!!