Sunday, October 23, 2011

a scrappy share:

I did both of these layouts on my day out at the Imagination Factory retreat.. I did more..But 2 I left as entries in challenges and the other two are for Stuck!...Thanks to Sue and ladies at TIF for hanging onto this Sassafras paper for me..Sunshine Broadcast I think it is.. I ADORE it.. It makes for the most cool background. Used Mel's cool art supplies too. Dropped ink with an eye dropper..Awesome much??

The layout below started out as a Kraft it Up challenge..Until I realised..I wasn't actually USING kraft..Duh..Borrowed Mel's huge cool flower stamp on the background...



  1. Wow cool pages!! Lol @ the KIU bluper! I've done thy before.

  2. Fab work. I love your use of bright colors and that flower stamp is super cool. I want one (said whilst jumping up and down).
    Thanks again for yesterday's workshop. It was brilliant, apart from the pouring rain all the way home. I think it was raining harder towards Melbourne that at your house.

  3. hi.. these are beautiful.. i love your creative style!

  4. Fabulous pages! I love coming and checking out your work, always so inspiring.