Friday, September 16, 2011

A little heart...

I was doing a little blog surfing..As I am want to do...And came across this..

Well it struck something in me today..I hope like crazy my life doesn't come off looking perfect and pretty and polished on this blog..It's not..AT ALL...
It's messy, busy, stressful and I yell alot...LOL..
So I thought I would say what's on my heart...

I feel pulled in lots of directions..
I am worried that I am not spending enough quality time with each of my children..

I love my husband...More today than other days..Not sure why today..But I am just feeling it and want him to come home from work soon.

I am enamoured with giant poster-sized images of my kids..Just where to put them..

Gr.4 camp is never far from my thoughts..Next week she goes alone and I hope she doesn't resent me for pushing just that little bit.. She's so... 'glass half empty' times..

I love my son..In a way so different from the girls..Perhaps because he is the last..Perhaps because hes a bloke..I am fiercely protective of his little soul.. And don't want any old chickie stomping on his sweet little heart someday..The girls I simply want them  to find and be happy with a good boy?? What's with the difference there? I'm still processing this...I think it's because I'm a girl....That it's all so different? Maybe?

The drive to exercise and stay trim is strong..But...I just wanna eat a donut...Settle for fish and chips tonight I guess..

There....Feel inspired?
Here's a photo to help with inspiration..
Him...Playing peek a boo at Gran and Grumbles....
Do as I do( and lots of other now too!) ..Blog your heart....

C xx


  1. love it Celeste. real stuff:) been feeling like i have nothing to blog about lately. thinking maybe i should play along too:)

  2. oh my gosh, your family is BEAUTIFUL!!! and i so so so identify with you on number one. sigh. thanks for joining in and putting yourself out there. :) xxo

  3. i love coming in here.. not just for the gorgeous layouts you do, perhaps not just for the adorable photos you put up, but cos i love to read your genuine journalling... like listening to a friend...xx

  4. This has always been my style...gotta keep it real.
    I culled the list of blogs I read about a month ago because I was over reading only about the rosy side of one is perfect!!