Sunday, September 11, 2011

His bday..part 1

Keeping on top of the sheer volume of photos I have taken this past week....So here is the first instalment of his birthday shots.. These were taken on his birthday last Tues.. He was smitten with the whole process..As was his three yr old sister - who couldn't quite grasp the fact that it was his job to open the gifts! I made the framed R for his room out of scraps from my stash... I will take more photos of his room ASAP as this has inspired me to get it all in order..

Bye..Off to clean up my scrap desk so that maybe I can get some scrapping done...

And spending some quiet moments refelecting on how lucky I am...How happy I am..9/11 was ten years ago today...I was pregnant with my first baby and spent weeks in tears wondering if I was doing the right thing bringing a baby into a world that could drop those towers to the ground in ten seconds flat...

I came to the decision that I just needed to raise her and my other children to be honest and accepting of people's differences and just hope they are the generation to make a difference..


  1. how very special these photos are.. what a gorgeous boy! and yes 10 years ago the world changed, but we must go on and children are a promise that life will go on..

  2. Sensational photos celeste... what an adorable little guy! :) .. and here's to creating life and happy moments in the hope that it catches on as the next fanatacism, making terrorism a thing of the past!! xx

  3. oh.. how cute is 'r'! love that framed R for his room. Hope you got to create :) yes 9/11 sure makes one think uh!
    enjoy your week x

  4. Gorgeous photos of your little boys 1st birthday! Looks like you all had a great time! Hard to believe its been 10 years...lets hope it never happens again! :))xx