Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Daily grind: 27/9

Milla's calls this his 'steel'..Totally true..Clenches his fists..Grits his teeth...Only when something isn't goin the way he likes:

This particular 'steely'moment came about because we were activelt encouraging him to take steps...Not at all pleased about it....

hehe...I think I personally need to enact the 'steel' numerous times each day..AND it is the holidays...My 'steel' is sure to find it's way to the surface...

How's your 'steel'goin today?
C xx


  1. lol love it!!! boys are so stubborn arent they, no telling THEM what to do!

    OMG look how clean your house is :O... lol

  2. ha ha ha!!!
    love this face, soo soo cute and had a huge laugh at the clean house comment above - its exactly what I thought too!!!
    I took a photo of my DS in a display house once - and the comments from family wern't of him but of how clean my house was!!