Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A little cloudy...

Scrap the Girls challenge
Colour scheme of blue and orange.With a fave photo of my oldest 'non demure'child looking very demure!
Little clouds..dedicated to the pissy weather of late...LOL

Scrap the Boys challenge
Is my little man a dancer or a prancer??
Well seing as he can't stand just yet and he is a terrible flirt at just 12 weeks of age he definitely falls into the prancer catergory.. My little charmer...
And some more sweet little cloudys..To celebrate the shite that is our current weather...LOL..


  1. Both are gorgeous. Love your pics and the banners are awesome. Especially the top one. Your choice of colours is great.

  2. oo i love the clouds in these layouts!!send in the clouds!! your kids are so beautiful in photos!!

  3. Wowee!!! These are equally stunning. Love your colours here - beautiful!!!

  4. absolutely love both of these xxx
    simply stunning... colours are sensational together .. hugs x

  5. wow these are so beautiful Celeste!!

    can you please email me so I can organise your winning voucher from last month? thanks!

  6. Thanks so much for visiting and leaving love on my blog Celeste. I just adore all your layouts, your kids are just perfect in photos. Keep up the gorgeous scrapping. xx

  7. such gorgeous layouts, wow!!!

  8. Hi, I love all your work! Thank for all inspiration. I tryed to lift one of your project. Hugs Camilla from Sweden