Monday, December 13, 2010


Well I was totally challenged by this colour - or lack of colour scheme.. I am not even sure I have done it right? Think it is supposed to be on white cardstock? I didn't have anything grey to mask with on white so I opted for black instead. I watered down white paint. Used th girls water spray to mist it on. Even still you can barely tell I masked the clouds..Sigh.. Lack of grey materials too - so I photocopied some of my new boy papers.. I did find some grey stuff upon closer inspection of my scraps though..Worked ok. Anyway...I decided to do it ..But I really do prefer colour in my life!

So I ventured over to the Colour Room ....Surely their title implies a much more appropriate challenge for moi...Well monochromatic green isn't exactly the colour palette of my choice, but I had a go and I quite like the natual feel of this colour combo. So much so that I added my little woodland friend, a little tree and some handdrawn grasses too! Of course I was able to use my lovely chocolate and green glimmermists too!

And after all this..I had a play on my own and SPLASHED out on colour... I love this range of boy papers from Echo Park.. So fun and bright.. Like my little fella in the plane and his banner? It definitely needed a pilot! Got this idea,( along with my clouds on string - from a previous post ) from the Cottee's: 'I'll change my name to Elizabeth' advertisment!  And the other 'little fella'...Well he was only minutes old in these shots and giving his lungs a little test run!

Nighty night!


  1. Hi i love these layouts.. the color room one is totally gorgeous.. and i am not too sure about the white with one as i have only done one of their challenges which was the grey one.. so it looks fine to me.. i didnt have much grey but i did have white and black paint so mixed these two colors together.. and the plane one is adorable! so i think you have done fabulously!!

  2. Hi Celeste!

    I think the White with 1 looks great. I dont think I can try that one this month because I also like lots of colour on my layouts.

    The colour Room. I also had trouble with that this week. No matter what i did it looked dull! you arent the only one!

    The last layout is super cute. Those photos are priceless and the COLOUR (!) on the layout is so well balanced. Love it all. Well done.

  3. WOW you are on fire Celeste!!!! Love your take on WW1 challenge! Great idea with the photocopying of papers!!! Looks awesome! Thanks for joining in this month at WW1 :) xo

  4. OMG !!! Celeste, how wonderful that you have created such beautiful work . 3 pages wow !!
    I love them all and especially the WW1,love the cloud and stars it is all fantastic.. magnificent pages.. hugs x

  5. Loving all your LO's Celeste!! I managed TCR palette this week bu I also love lots bright and bold colours, so it was a challenge.. your's looks fantastic! Fab WW1 LO Love the idea of copying your pp's.. thanks for joining in this month :)

  6. These all awesome! Love the photocopying idea too...I always photocopy my journalling tags and stuff so I can reuse!!!But never thought of turning papers into black and white!!!
    I like color too!!! But its fun doing the different challenges!!!

  7. that is one clever idea, photocopying paper.
    Yes, Grey is a bit tricky uh, but you have pulled it together so well.
    thanks for playing along at WW1.

  8. Clever chick to photocopy paper!!! Awesome idea!! Lovin all your work and your photography is fantastic!!