Friday, December 17, 2010

4 +1 = 5

Almost all looking..

And three little cousins..My little Milla was desperate to be in at least one shot..
Aren't they sweeties??

Just a few of my faves Cindy and Sammy..What a good looking extended family we are!?!
Looking forward to snapping little DS when he arrives..
Hope you like them - there are lots more too!
C xx


  1. gorgeous photos.. when i was pregers the tummy was hidden under a tank dress.. now it is brought out and celebrated and it is sooo good!! wish i had photos like that..

  2. wow stunning pics... every time I log onto your blog and see your beautiful children It brings a smile to my Face... YOUR FAMILY OOZES LOVE & TENDERNESS .. sooooooooo beautiful... hugs x

  3. Lovely lovely photos. Look forward to seeing the bump as his alter ego!