Monday, December 27, 2010

How was your Christmas???

Ours began like this...Presents, PJ's, smiles and a start time of a pleasant 8.00 am...
Followed by the always frantic exit to get to Xmas lunch in time..

And then we enjoyed a pleasant meal on a warm and wonderful day. Gran decorated the table in the the patio. Grumbles, (happy birthday to you) cooked up a feast on the spit in the BBQ, we 'Jamie Olivered' some roast spuds (yummy..thanks Jamie..), Nana made Grandfather's famously delicious tomato pie and my brother and sisiter inlaw made a delightful combo of pudding, pav and the now infamous gingerbread..Which sadly I did not get a snap of.

A fantastic team effort..Merry Christmas to all my family. Thanks for putting up with my camera in your face!