Thursday, September 3, 2009

A very crafty birthday..

Milla's gifts from Sammy ,Cindy and girls.. When I assisted M witht the opening I was just blown away with the pillow.. What a special and unique gift.. Others have seen it since..I thin she will definitely have commissions from this! She is so clever and talented with a sewing machine... Luckily for me..she is my sister in law!

And these are Milla's canvases that I made for her.. I used just scraps of paper, paint and mod podge..They are hanging above her cot...I believe these will be the class at The Imagination Factory retreat in November this year.. Like what you see? You can make them..Book for the retreat..I have other too..With an apple and a pear..Hanging in my kitchen.. Haven't photographed them yet.. And I will be creating templates for boys room..monsters, rockets, robots etc...


  1. It was an absolute pleasure to make these for my darling 1 year old niece...even better was your reaction when she opened it :)
    I absolutely adore your canvases...oh if only Miss C had a room of her own!! Maybe one day.

  2. Wow, that pillow is gorgeous! Jamie is fast getting to the age where he's not into anything that's not Star Wars or spiderman, lol, and I yearn for the ability to own sweet things like that!

    Love the canvases. I bet they look stunning on the wall.