Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm Back!

I have been on dial up speed for the past week...Rrrrrr..

But I am back now and just a quick little post.. I have some layouts to share..But I haven't photographed them yet..

I have shared round five for embellished idol though.. The layout is rounded..The dark background is my kitchen table.. I kinda chanelled Ali Edwards..
This was a bit of a tough one for me.. I have this awful thought that I may not see them grow up - stupid I know - but there you have it..
So when the challenge was '5 things to do before you die'..It kinda creeped me out..
But made me scrap it too..
The journalling reads:
I hope I am grey and wrinkled then I get to see:
them grow into confident beautiful women ( with the cheeky shot!)
see their babies, know them as mother (Milla and baby doll)
see four beautiful in love happy brides ( H dressed up)
where their education will take them ( doctor shot)
The realisation of their potenial and their dreams (seriously cute shot of Milla RUNNING up the hall in tutu!)
Trying to get the photos to match the journalling was tricky.
I had sick kids most of the week and god awful weather..MAde for terrible light for taking good photos! Gracie didn't want to play nice for the shots..Which is why she looks sullen in the 'doctor shot'...When I got them printed..Half of them sucked..Had to get them re-done.. Sigh..
It's done.. Just waiting now to see if I made it to round six..
Have also inlcuded a photo of Miss M..Just coz I edited it - and she is so darned cute!

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