Sunday, September 6, 2009

The early bird..

So this is my entry for E Idol round six.. The inclusion list was right up my alley.. So much so that the following 2 layouts are also possible entries..Then I just had to decide which one!

You had to include:

4 or more photos


circles ( Which was good for me..Made me use my fiskars shaping tool I won with the Masters..I am circle crazy now - and cheaper than punches! I have so many sizes to choose from!)

flowers A no brainer for me...Had to peruse 2 baskets full of flowers ..How was I to choose?

tags ( I had to go threw my really old stash to find these... Think Vellum tags with metal rim?? Stacey out there reading my blog will remember me purchasing these from her back when J and G were tucked up in their twin pram!)

handstitching: I saw the heart done large by Elizabeth Kartchner ( I think?) so had a go at a mini version..I like it..)

HOpe I mad the right choice entering the first one..

And this one is a photo of my sweet H bear at Wet and Wild earlier this year.. Again with the circles.. But I cut the centres out of them by hand. Less detail.. as it wasn't a challenge I suppose!

And here is the kitchen version of the canvasses hanging in my dining room.. Are you going to The Imagination Factory Retreat?? I am..

So here I am up and about at 7.30am on Fathers Day...Thanks Miss M.. H is in bed with Dadda..Bad dreams at 5am.. So I thought I might as well post.. M is wandering around with my enmpty coffee cup and is currently curious about all this tap tap tapping on the key board..

So anyways...Here is my craft for the week. I must say that being part of Embellished Idol
has certainly helpewd ny creative verve.. Or I am just coming out of a 18th long slump..That started with a little blue line in a window...

Think I might walk the little miss down to get some eggs for breakfast in bed..

Happy Fathers Day one and all...Hope to get some nice shots of him and the girlies today..

C xx

PS Hello Kyles!! Great to catch up yesterday and looking forward to photographing your family on the beach in a feww weeks!

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  1. You certainly have your mojo back! I'm lovin' all of those. Particularly the one on the kraft, and that bottom one on the yellow spotty paper. Anything on yellow is appealing to me at the moment - Spring must be here :)