Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Colour me happy....

.....and coat me in sprinkles! I found a field of yellow flowers only five min from home...I have habit these days of driving and always keeping an eye out for good photography locations..So when I saw this field yesterday morning..In the centre of town no less.. Obviously only days ago it was weeds..But a few days of sunlight and viola - MAGIC!

Naturally, I scooped the midget up after her afternoon sleep and went back to take a few test shots..I took H Bear with me to keep her smiling.. That's her in the first shot (unedited) running through the flowers to get Miss M's jacket..She's in her 'footy gear' from school...Was too much hassle to pretty her up..She made a damn good assistant though and had a ball running through the flowers too!

Cindy: this may be an ideal location for that little shoot we are planning?? Don't know how long the flowers will last..
So for anyone interested:

$55 mini shoots at the moment..Gives you 45min photo time and 15-20 images...Of course it doesn't have to be in the field of flowers..But it is really sweet!

More images more time..I can quote you...

Email me if you are in the greater Ballarat area and are keen:

Oh and Miss M threw up when she got home and Hallie hit the hay real early...Lucky I got in when I did..


  1. WOW...look at those beautiful yellow flowers. Glad for the sunshine, but now we are back to rain...will they survive??
    Nice looking storybord there.

  2. Beautiful shots, Celeste. I'm not sure though that it would be quite as nice with my "man with a sword" (lol, yes this is what he has taken to calling himself - aka some character from the Wii Starwars game) running through those lovely flowers ;)