Monday, September 22, 2008

Some layouts at last!

t's amazing how quickly after giving birth the creative energy returns. I was itching to scrapbook fairly promptly.. Had to wait to recover and I also had to wait until I wasn't napping all my spare time away!

Mind you spare time is at a premium aroud here. It is 8.30 in the morning and Milla rises around 7.30.. The other 3 girls get up MUCH later.. So I have found this a good time to post anyway. I have already put on a load of washing and am boiling the kettle for my brekky..

Thank goodness for the school hoidays.. It means 2 more weeks before I have to work out the nightmare of the school/kinder run with a 6 week old! Rodda has gone back to work today.. So it's D-day around here.. How will I cope on my own - with four..

I'll let you know tomorrow!! Hehe!

It's amazing what you learn to accomplish in little snippets of time though.. My scrapping and photo editing is done when she is asleep, or content in her bouncer.. I am learning that 'near enough is good enough'... I am happy with the layouts.. Just happy to be actually WANTING to scrap really!

Mind you I have also made to frames for gifts and I think I might attempt to get the sewing machine out for a layout today...

I must be mental..

Wish me luck for today.. Gonna go hang with my Mum and even might grab a little exercise.. OUt for a walk on this windy Spring day..



  1. Gorgeous layouts of your gorgeous bubba Celeste - glad you found some time to create!

    Good luck coping with all four girls on your own - hope the older three help ;)!


  2. Oh, beautiful! I am loving this regular posting - well done. I might get inspired myself. Two shoots on this weekend - yikes. At least they'll give me plenty of material. Kisses to your girls xxxx.

  3. Beautiful work Celeste. She is adorable. GOod luck on your own with 4!!

  4. wow! so beautiful! LOVE the all white one, just stunning. YAY that you are scrapping again. :)