Thursday, September 4, 2008

One day old..

....and already so beautiful..
Our darling Milla..Looking oh so cute..


or contented we are totally in love with her already....
She was definitely worth the wait..Even nine days overdue........I will post more shots as I get around to editing them. I am only up to day three so far!

Big thanks to everyone who has left messages for me..Especially to Mel..For posting Miss M's arrival whilst we were still in hossi...Also to all the girls from The Little Scrapbook Shop.. Thanks for still popping by and keeping in touch with me I really appreciate it - especially seeing as I haven't been at the site for absolute ages! I will get there - I promise!

I could go on thanking forever.. But also special thanks to Fee who created my nappy bag - which I adore - and it is in fully functional use!!

Milla and I are doing great. she is settling into our family well.. She is a bit of a spew bag - but we are sorting that out as I type...Gotta feed her upright..It was really the sweetest thing the first time I breastfed her that way. She looked up at me with eyes wide open as if she was surprised to see me there..So sweet...

I can here her stirring bye for now..

C xx


  1. Milla is so lovely Celeste!! How sweet she sounds. Glad she is settling in to the family. Bummer about the spewie part, but at least you are sorting it out.
    Take care, hope to see you over at LSBS soon!

  2. Congrats sweety, she's just beautiful!!

  3. CONGRATS Celeste and family what a little cutie Milla is...
    From Caz

  4. Oh wow Celeste...FINALLY!
    A huge congratulations on your gorgeous little bundle of joy...she is just adorable.
    Love her name. :)
    Sharryn :)