Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2 days old..

Looking pretty in pink and endearingly cross-eyed in that last shot! She was very alert from day one.. definitely not one of those sleepy bubs in the early days.. She stil likes her awake time now and can be awake up to an hour after a feed...More during that witching hour around tea time.. Her darling blue eyes follow you ar a toy if you have one..So cute.. She is also getting stronger in her neck and ill toss her little self around when I am trying to burp her...She is a very good burper - could win a competition with her belches! I am breastfeeding with her sitting up and facing toward me still and I am thankful to say that the reflux spewing has stopped...

Milla is having a lovely snooze at the moment though and her sisters are all at school and kinder - so it a lovely quiet time in our house..Perfect for blogging!

I have tried to scrap today..Hmmm failing badly..Mojo isn't quite fully restored yet..Probably has something to do with the brain fog and vagueness I am feeling due to broken sleep...Mind you Milla has been having a five hour and then a three hour break between feeds over night....That's pretty good...It's just getting used to it all over again!


C xxx


  1. i think she looks like her biggest sister!
    what a little darling
    she sounds like a good little girl

  2. awww she is so beautiful! so sweet. Isaac has reflux... was a bit of a 'spew bag' too, lol. The upright feeding never worked for us and he had to have medication till about 5 or 6 months. all good now tho the little (or big rather!) darling. so glad you are doing so well. can't wait to see some family pics *wink* xxx

  3. She is so beautiful. I want one just like her please!