Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Black and white beauty..

Here is my attempt at some traditional black and white photography with Milla Moo...I had her laid out on some black fleecy material I have bought for other photoshoots..

I nuded her up - for authenticity of course (hehe) and she obliged by weeing all over the material in five minutes flat! But I did get these three lovely shots and a sweet one of her bottom (which I thought I had best not post!)

Check out the tiny little rolls developing - yay baby!

Having a busy school holidays so far - we have been out or had visitors every day this week. Still going out tomorrow and Friday.. But kinda need to as Rodda will be sleeping off his 2 night shifts - eek! On my own ALL night...

Wish me luck in getting three girls, one baby, two dogs, three cats and me fed and ready for dreamland!



  1. Good luck. Love your black & white photos.

  2. Such beautiful photos Celeste. I love the 4 for your frame as well.


  3. Love your new banner, Cecil, and love the shots of Milla. Fab perspective on the first one. She is just getting more gorgeous all the time! Wishing you a calm week and some good sleep! Kirst xxx