Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The New Me!!

I have had a crazy week by all accounts and am starting at last to feel like myself again..Although the view is a more than a little different!!

I had my front left tooth removed last Wednesday. I was very scared, but it didn't hurt at all, thanks to the magic of anaesthetic(sp?)....I have to wear a plate with a tooth attached for 5 mths, while the screw in my gum heals....Sounds rather gross doesn't it??

So I have a brand new smile, (and a brand new haircut to match!) but a mouth full of plate and a hideous hag/witch like appearance when the plate is removed!!

I was in pain for a couple of days and then 'discomfort' from the plate, which I am still having!!

BUT...I had the stitches removed yesterday...YIKES! That hurt so much, my whole body was lifting off the dentists chair!!! I broke out in a sweat - everywhere and still have marks where I was digging my nails into my hand to distract me from the pain....

Anyways...I am on the mend and was just marvelling at the photos Rodda took of me! I am so used to facing a certain direction for the camera to disguise my grey, crooked tooth, it kinda of shocked me to see my new smile - great from any angle!!

The bottom photo is the before shot, taken by the lovely Lisa Pate while we were in Sydney..Mind you, I have photo-shopped out the discolouration... The top one is me, three days after surgery...I look good, considering the amount of painkillers I was throwing back!!

On a scrapping note...I have almost finshed my first layout for Paper Pesto Lots of lovely Scenic Route papers.. Stay tuned for a sneak peek!



  1. Wow look gorgeous. You always did..but this is just beautiful. It seems it will be well worth the pain and drama.

  2. Hey sexy mama!! Lol I was wondering how it all went for you. Do you lisp??

  3. Hey Celeste,

    My other job happens to be a Dental Nurse. I work for an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon - which basicly means we perform extracts mainly and inplants too. If only you lived in Bris vagas, I would of taken good care of you.

    Great photo by the way.

  4. they are both really lovely photos celeste. you look hot baby! :)

  5. You are one Yummy Mummy! Celeste you look young enough to be my daughter (oh, wait, you probably are young enough lol!).

  6. Oh Hunny You Look DAMN HOT!!!!!

    Course you did anyway :) hope the discomfort fades away soon, before you know it is will be all healed and ready for the permanent.



  7. OMG OMG Celeste! I am having this exact thing done too! My tooth is being removed on the 2nd November and yesterday I was in tears just thinking about it :(( I know it's for the best, but it's still so scary :(