Friday, September 21, 2007

The Lovely Listons....

Look at these gorgeous kids!!It was freezing when I took these photos and the kids braved the cold very well! The shots show how close they are! They are also close in age..keeping their Mum on her toes!

On a personal front -I can't wait to escape to warmer weather...4 days to go! It is Friday afternoon...School is finished for the term...I wish all the Mum's and Dad's good luck and a safe holiday period!

Ooh and my Mum and Dad are now online and venturing into cyber space..If they happen to find me here - HELLO!



  1. You've definately captured the clossness between them. They look great. Have a good holiday.

  2. wow celeste what great photos. Can't wait to catch up next weekend.

  3. Dang you're good Celeste!!!! Hmmm...methinks I might have to bring the children over for a visit!