Sunday, April 1, 2007

a scrappy happy holiday!

The DT girls over at the LSBS have been very busy organising our surprise for Cath and the lovely ladies over there!
We have all been busy coming up with ideas to fill the Easter break and keep everyone extra busy and extra scrappy!

My layout for the photography challenge is posted here..Taking an interesting Easter photo and then scrapping it!
I took it of the girls after their Easter Bonnet Parade at kinder.
I have also included my version of their 'kinder photo'...They have breezed through the first term...Looking forward to the next one!

Thanks to the lovely Tracey who had me over to scrap at her house this afternoon! Thanks to her I was able to get this layout completed in peace and good company!!

Bring on the Easter Bunny I say!!

Nighty night!


Tomorrow I will be preparing for my second photography challenge...More details to follow.....Cryptic I know!

Celeste xx


  1. Hi Celeste! Just blog surfing and dropped by! Your girls are so adorable, as is your scrapping!! Love this layout and have been admiring all your other work here too!! My Ballarat relatives have told me that the cold has crept in already this year!

  2. Love the photos, both of them, and the layout is fantastic.

  3. The "Scrappy Happy Holidays" thread has been an awesome adition to LSBS! My kids and I have tried nearly everything!!

    Thansk heaps! Love it!