Sunday, April 22, 2007


For the last few months Gracie has had an absolute obsession with feathers! Big, small, fluffy, smooth, soft, speckled, black, white DIRTY....They get collected and stored in all kinds of places...My handbag is the obvious and favoured location! I am forever digging them out and tossing them away when she isn't looking! Lord help us if we visit somewhere that birds frequent - like a lake! We then have them everywhere and we are always stopping to pick then up! If she accidently lets one go and it's windy - Well then we are in BIG trouble!!
I do smile when I find them under her bed or on the floor of the car though...It's a very cute and curious obsession...We'll FLY with it while it lasts! LOL


  1. Owen collects leaves & it drives me crazy:) but I love it at the same time...we must catch up soon:)

  2. so does Leroy! it is cute finding them stuffed all over the place! gorgeous photo too. and you've been tagged! details are here

  3. how cute!
    i so love your photos celeste