Friday, April 20, 2007


Easter is over for another year! We tripped up to Yarrawonga for the whole week after Easter. So I will upload photos and stuff as I go. The girls were very excited this year!

I think we marked a record...The earliest Easter Sunday yet. 7.00am isn't too bad though... I was in the double bed with Hallie. I watched her open her eyes...Briefly close them, open them, look at me, close them again and then it was as if someone had thrown cold water over her! She started gabbing on about the Easter bunny and when he would arrive, obviously not yet alert to the fact that it was now THAT morning...This lasted approximately 5 secs before the look of realisation flashed across her eyes. She sta bolt upright and flipped over in bed and spotted the chocolate goodies placed on the bedside table. From then on it was sheer delight! She marvelled at the ingenuity of the EB, coming into the carvan, she wondered at the time it had taken him, she woke her sisters with exclamations and informed Gran that the EB had obviously considered hre worthy as well... They all trailed around the caravan and made madly for the door when eggs were spotted lying outside.

Amid the excitment of the moment and a mother trying to coat them up against the early morning chill, many eggs were located and dumped uncerominously into the basket. It was the first year that the hunt really appealed to the twins and they relished scouring the surrounds...I really assumed they would not find the tiny ones hidden in their shoes, until much later - But no....they were the first to be consumed!

BY 7.30 the hunt was done and by lunch the collected eggs were counted...104....Less the amount already consumed...Of course......


  1. I'm glad the hunt was a success! Sounds like you had fun...

  2. sounds like a great easter .....and very yummy too!