Thursday, September 6, 2012

Results are in:

I can't say I totally worked my abs off during this Fitness Food and Style 3 week challenge. Don't get me wrong - I worked out. ALOT. But I found it difficult to fit the specific ab workout in when I was already doing bootcamp twice a week and running twice to three times a week. I think I completed the KCC workout 5 times in the three weeks? I also did a 21 ab challenge also devised by Crabtree Fitness Professionals..I did this 2 and 1/2 times..In between these I did mini ab workouts that I found here..Either on my own or with Jodie ..Mostly I did these when combined with cardio. I would run around the lap at the park (approx 1km) do an ab circuit, run etc..You get the idea...

My abs before the challenge can be viewed here...I am not sure there is a huge difference? And I didn't take my measurements..But you know what? I look at myself in the mirror in my bra and undies and hey - I like what I see..So I am happy. I don't think I am ever going to have a six pack..Not even sure it's something I want really? I like the little curve..A 4 pack..Someone I know has an awesome one...You know who you are...Jac...ooops..and she and I are working towards keeping and improving on mine:

I must add..That you really can't spot fix your core..A six pack comes from a strong core - and this comes from a variety of exercises..It also come from eating well. The change in my eating habits has ensured I got my tummy back in shape. Truly. 90% clean is the only way. 10% processed. If that.

I don't eat much bread these days. I tend to feel heavy and bloated. I try to eat very little carbs late in the day..I need some or I am starving by 8pm! But I fill myself with brown rice, quinoa and I have even tried pearl cous cous at lunch times..

I also eat LOTS of spinach. Seriously, you can throw that in ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. It's the best way to get a hit of veg..My girls are loving it now too and munch on it straight from the bag..

I am continuing to be as sugar free as possible. Still no sugar in my coffee..No sugar at brekky... None at lunch.. I have honey or maple syrup on or in our snacks.. Baking healthy too. Wholewheat all the way baby!

So there you have it..Congrats to everyone else who participated..I hope I can get to see some of your results..
Big thanks to  my friends, Dani for running with it when I thought we could give it a try..
To Jac for getting on board with KCC..You are awesome..4 pack and all!
And to Marita and Jodie for going along for the ab ride with me..We'll all be HOT come Summer girlies..We need a day at the beach and a shopping day to buy a bikini!

Signing off..A wedding to photograph tomorrow and I am pooped from all the birthday celebrations today!

Night peeps...




  1. You look fantastic - well done for sticking with it, too - if I saw that tummy & someone had said there's a body that had had 5 babies...I'd have scoffed & said 'no way' BIG congrat's on an amazing figure. Sigh....jealousy kicking in...oh motivation at this end of the 1/2 century-er!!!!

  2. Bring on the beach and the bikini shopping oh and the warm weather!!! With that will come more sweaty workouts. Fabulous results on your ab challenge. Just goes to show if you want results you need to make changes!!! Keep at it girl :-))) JAC

  3. Your tummy IS beautiful Celeste. Well done and perhaps, slow down with all that exercise. I only do 15 minutes per day and I know how time poor you are as well. Thanks so much for the experience.

    <3 U x