Saturday, September 8, 2012

Oh my..He's 2:



I'm officially beat! After his birthday Thursday, I had a big day out in Melb with a wedding to photograph and then attend. I am always knackered after a wedding's a busy, busy day..Sneak of these photos to come..
But before that I had to make the cake..He's crazy, mad for Thomas and Chuggington - like alot of little blokes his age - but when I googled Thoms cakes..I wasn't overly fussed with homemade results I was seeing. I think it is difficult to get clean lines needed for a train with either fondant of icing?
Then I stumbled across this 'no bake train cake'- and I loved it. Somehow it looked like a proper wooden type train. So I gave it a go. He LOVED it..To the point that when we dismantled the engine to serve it..He was most displeased - and desperately wanted to put the gingerbread drove back on!
He patiently waited all day for his presents and then waited while his Mama photographed him with the pile BEFORE ripping into them.. The Thomas track was a HIT and he quite liked little cookie monster and Elmo..All faves around here..
My beautiful baby boy..


  1. wow what a fabulous cake!! no wonder he loved it :)

  2. Yep, the cake rocks & what a good young man waiting for the photo shoot to be over! He looks really grown up now - not a baby any more! Can't wait for the photo sneak your photography:)

  3. What he is two?? how did that happen?? He certainly is a very handsome little man.. Happy Birthday little prince!!

  4. It looks fantastic Celeste! Great job once again XxD

  5. The cake looks great...sorry we couldn't be there. His birthday present is a work in progress. Hopefully will be finished soon.