Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Parental crossroads: Grade 5 camp

Well..She's gone to camp..In the lead up it was four nights of tears and pleading not to go..And four days of excitment and anticipation. The photos above show her excited and happy - thank god we got there..  And as I write this she is facing her first night..I can only hope she is doing well and asleep..

Hallie wears her heart on her sleeve. And having reasoned, consoled and bluffed my way through getting her onto that bus I am actually happy. I didn't think I would be.  I thought I  might be feeling the dreaded Mummy guilt at having forced a scared 10 year old to do something she really didn't want to do.

But we trusted our parental instincts and were honest and firm in the face of her extreme sadness. Looking back now. I know it was fear. I told her so. I asked her to not let the fear win.

Last night she very calmly asked to not go to camp. AGAIN.. We told her what an awkward position that put us- as her parents in. If we let her stay home then we are to blame for her missing that integral childhood experience that you always remember. She has nothing to share with her peers next week, next month..The fear wins. If we force her to go - we feel like horrible parents, crippling her with fear? We really needed her to step up and make the correct choice - CAMP.

We decided to wait until morning to make our decision. I actually avoided getting her up - so that the decision would be delayed!  It was a poor start with the fear winning. A quick chat about being positive..yada yada yada..And the smile came back. She got dressed..Put her gear by the door..Packed her toiletries..I gave her some lollies to share with her cabin mates..More smiles..So that by the time we got to school.. Well the above photos show that the excitment won out over the fear..

Good parenting.. We can pat ourselves on the back..
And pray we don't get a phone call tonight!


  1. well done you, sometimes we need to give our kids a gentle push to get them to overcome their fear. She is going to have an absolute ball if my girls grade 5 camps are any indication! She won't even remember that she didn't want to go in the first place lol
    fingers crossed that you didn't get a phone call
    D xx

  2. Oh goodness, wish you guys were my parents growing up. I was never allowed any camps or sleep overs. But I guess you get that with new immigrants and not knowing what this whole camp experience was all about. Great parenting babe and thanks for prepping the way for us xx

    1. Awwh shucks..No probs.. I can't wait to see her this afternoon and give her so much attention and praise - the gratifying part about parenting!!!

  3. Oh I know totally... but the fun and the experience of school camp is something worth having and pushing through the fear, she will have learnt courage in the face of fear.. and I am sure she is having a wonderful time... and will come home tired and looking forward to her own bed!!