Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Freckle fever:

And in spite of this very sweet visit to the chocolate factory in Corowa..I still remained sugar free!
Chocolate really isn't a weakness for me. Luckily enough! Lollies have always been my downfall - but I have kicked that habit already!

So- I successfully completed the two week challenge. No cheats or slip ups..I tink I ate a wholemeal muffin before meeting for a run and after I realised it had sugar in it..And I licked the kids yoghurt off the spoon in the first week - but I'll forgive myself those..

What I have learned about processed sugar, me and my body:

I can survive without it.
In the past I believed I could have sugar and not have it affect my weight or life.
I now know that processed sugars was my drug of choice.
I was giving myself bursts of energy with sugar. These never lasted.
I was rewarding myself with sugar.
I was rewarding my children with sugar.
I was rewarding my husband with sugar.
I can have coffee without sugar - and it's better!
Eating sugar at night kept my muffin top in place.
Fruit is divine - and sweet enough.
Apple concentrate is a perfect sugar substitute.
Reading food labels does not mean I have an eating disorder ( as some people claim)
Reading food labels is not obsessive behaviour - well not a BAD one!
Sugar Is in just about EVERYTHING.
Reading food labels is annoying and time consuming.
Without processed sugar I sleep better.
Without processed sugar I exercise better.
Without processed sugar I AM thinner.
Without processed sugar my skin is clearer.
I love natural greek yoghurt.
I love nuts.
Maple syrup and honey I will reintroduce..A bit..
I love frozen raspberries.
You can get jam with no added cane sugar - cool.
I can get the kids through an entire day free of processed sugar and they don't even realise it.
Some people are understanding and supportive.
Some others think I am utterly mad and wonder why I felt the need to do this.
Bread is loaded with sugar.
If a label says low-fat - then it's high in sugar.
I had to scrounge to the back of my cupboard to find the sugar to make my friend a cup of coffee!
I like soda water.
I hate soft drink.
Muffins without sugar are a hit here..
Pancakes without sugar are a hit here too..
Smoothies full of fruit are a hit here too..
I'm not going back..I'm not going HARDCORE - but I'm changed for the better.


A big thank you to Dani at Fitness, Food and Style for alway sharing her meal plans and advice - it all helped keep me on track. And for doing the challenge - it was awesome..

Please let me know if you are interested in this at all and I will happily share some of the food I ate over the two weeks.. It really wasn't as hard as I though it may have been..



  1. Oh Celeste my hat goes off to you. I really would love to try this and I think I will try and get super organised to do so. Would love any tips (and have been following the menu from Dani's blog and it looks great). My one concern is: bread. What did you give the kids for lunch instead?? I try to avoid bread so ok for me but not sure for lunchboxes.

    1. Hi Jas! You can find bread without sugar. You just ned to read the labels carefully? I shop at Aldi for my meal plans - cheaper - and I have found that their multigrain and smooth wholemeal are without ADDED sugar..Mountain bread is good too. Most of them have no ADDED sugar and make great wraps? The multigrain sourdough at Safeway is sugar free.We have that with my soups. My kids have also been taking left overs instead of sandwiches..Avoid tortilla wraps - LOADED with sugar and SALT..
      Will post some of my food choices tomorrow - similar to Dani's I suppose..But I really tried to simplfy my food - to much prep and I would have gotten over it oo quickly!

  2. Nope I dont think you are mad at all... and good on you for your stand for your health.. I know all about reading labels as I am a coeliac, and must avoid wheat and other gluten containing grains.. and pretty much the best food we should be eating is any thing as nature made it.. keep going. look after yourself, and you can already see the proof in the pudding...... so to speak!!!!

    1. Thanks Lizzy - you would truly know all about label reading. Gluten is in most things too!

  3. Well done chick! Very proud of you

  4. That's great, Celeste! WTG on you for having such good discipline! I only have one weakness - Coke Zero. Other than that - I'm pretty good! :) TFS - and your photography is like the best I've seen in my whole life. Seriously! I love it!!

    1. Thanks babe! Your're giving me a big head!! I had a coke zero habit too! I thought I was doing great - no sugar.. BUT my bootcamp trainer..Well she put me on the straight and narrow. The chemicals they put in to replace the sugar are worse! I'm drinking soda water with a couple of slices of lime now..A little vodka added now and then too!

      If you live in Vic I can photograph yur family - but I think you are in Qld yeah?

  5. Fantastic...your an inspiration. Well Done:) We are loving sugar free muffins here too. (Thanks for the recipe via Dani).
    Now how do I convince Sam to go without sugar in his coffee??

  6. Great that you're doing the sugar free thing - & wonderful habits for the Little Chicks to get into, too...but i have to say, at 50....I LOVE my sugar & could never give it up [someone's gotta help the sugar cane farmers to make a living!!!]...having said that, I find I'm not really having much fat much in my diet these days. DOn't use butter, or marg, don't drink milk...have cheese...I guess all bodies are different, and we have to work with what makes them 'better' for us:):):)
    It's great you're working out your own so well:):):)
    And I think the philosophy of fresh food with little chemical additives is probably the way to go, if you can manage it!
    And HAVE to agree with Chantal - your photography is Simply Stunningly Sensational:):)

    1. Thanks Lizzy! I agree - all our bodies are different. Those poor sugar cane farmers! You are definitely helping out there! Hehehe! I will be sahring some of my 'low'and sugarless food ideas anyway soon - maybe I can convert you???

  7. You are a super star in my eyes Celeste!!! This was my very first official sugar free challenge (my past attempts included honey and maple) and I have been travelling down this clean eating path for the last 4 years!!! You did it cold turkey on your first go!!!! So super proud of you and thanks for all your love and support xox Dani