Thursday, July 5, 2012

All about:

Still loves Poppy ( 8 year long bear friend and bedtime pal)
Still dresses Poppy.She has a suitcase of various outfits
Only has one ear pierced
Has had surgery on the other ear.
Has 2 besties...Izzy and Tegan
Does her own hair - everyday
Has a smile that melts hearts
Has a frown that freezes hearts
can use both equally well...and to good effect.
Loves to play with her siblings - as long as they are following HER rules..
Likes to stomp and humph and puff when she hears the word no...
Is called Rosie and H and H BearV
Loves her Ipod
Loves her DS
Loves the computer
Hates - but with prompting -  respects boundaries placed on technology
LOVES to spend money...
Hates to be told she should SAVE money..
World revolves her ten yr old self..
Can be sweet and generous with her siblings
Can be ferocious and uncomprising with her siblings (and her parents)
Has trouble falling to sleep at night
When asleep - sleeps still and LONG
Has trouble with too much sugar and preservatives..tummy aches and sleeping
Hates me trying to change her sugar intake..
Fussy about new foods..
Her fave meal spag and meatballs.
Her fave snack is chocolate
Is not a big fruit eater - but loves apples the best
Always eats all her vegetables..
Creative..Loves to draw and write
Is neater in her corner of their room than I might have expected
Still - she is the ultimate crap collector - and won't throw anything away
Is just getting into popular music
But will still watch ABC kids..
LOVES anything to do with Harry Potter
Her first poster pinned in her wardrobe - Emma Watson aka Hermione Granger

She is a riddle wrapped in a mystery my first and very beautiful daughter..
I love you so much sweet girl and as you grow and change I try to keep the memory of your newborn self spooned into me as we both fell asleep close to me heart.. xxxxxxxxxx

PS. SUE! I need you to email me! I need your address to send you your prize pack!

And thanks to my bootcamp pal Ange - great workout yesterday - I have clocked 100 followers..
I might have to put together a bits and bobs kit to celebrate!



  1. Beautiful as always my friend xx Noah can hardly wait for their next moshi monster catch up session!!!

  2. Did you notice the new program starting on t.v? Puberty Blues, I thought of you and your gorgeous girls when I saw it advertised. x

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  4. No worries Celeste, loving your blog! I just finished reading this post about your daughter and have tears in my eyes, just gorgeous! See you for a run soon xx a.