Friday, December 9, 2011

Stuck Dec 1st sketch:

Apparently Sara designed this sketch on another my own layouts..Cool. Always a fan of bunitng I could obviously see myself using this sketch! I had fun with this one. The bunting I made from wrapping coloured sticky dots from these masking and sticker sets arond string. They are available at Myrtle and Grace:

The hearts I just hand cut them from a 12 x 12 sheet of paper I no longer liked and used it as mask I got the line along the left hand side totally by mistake - but I love it. I kept it too. Might use it again.  I have a real little stock pile of misted had-cut masks in my pizza box I use to mist in...



  1. STUNNING! Wow this is just lovely! I love the misting and that line looks great! Beautiful layout! :D

  2. Gorgeous Chantelle... very typical of your beautiful style! :) x

  3. naaaaw sorry celeste! was looking at chantal's comment ahead of mine! what a twit... lol x

  4. This is adorable Celeste!! Such pretty colours :0)