Thursday, December 22, 2011

A share and an idea:

A while back I was feeling adventurous, crafty and thrifty all at the same time! So I created these layouts with a mind to making up a vintage/upcycled kind of mini kit? Obviously I ran out of time. The end of the year being upon us. But I haven't let the idea go completely and have put it on the backburner until the New Year when I find more time.  I had purchased some old patterns, vintage buttons and some funky vintage inspired stickers from Myrtle and Grace to include in the kit. As well as some new patterned papers and bits of patterned paper ( keeping the upcylced theme in mind) I was also going to have intsructions on how to use the items like I have and stencils created by me to use as masks..Ah well..The stuff is all still there. Please..Let me know by leaving a comment if you would be interested in one of these types of kits. At least then I  will have the Summer to come up with something or let it go if the interest isn't there....

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