Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stuck: Dec 15 sketch:

I found this sketch quite tricky. I have turned it on it's side. It was not long after wo lost Maggie. So I  really wanted to scrap a photo of her. I found this one amongst the pile and loved it. Miss Milla was so little..I love the blue paper. Thanks Basic Grey. Handmade flower on there and a flower from Spotlight too.

Getting rid of the kids this evening. Off for a night out for dinner with friends. I can't wait to get gussied up. It's not something I get to do much anymore. It was one of my fave things to do BEFORE kids. My girlfriends and I would spend ages decinding on outfits and doing our hair and make up. I have purchased a new floaty top for tonight - and my VERY high wedge heels have been winking at me from the walk in robe all week. They are so flirty - if they could talk they would say:
"How YOU doin?"....
Ahhhh sigh.. I have missed you and the delicious feeling of thiness the extra couple of inches brings me...I will tolerate the pain for beauty... You win wedges...I will see you tonight...Maybe I will take a few snaps of me dressed up. I have been working out..So I should commemorate (sp?) my efforts for 2011...


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  1. Gosh i love that background colour! I'm half way thru a LO with a similar inky blue colour background, not something i would usually choose but it's working!

    Have fun tonight in those heels :)