Thursday, May 12, 2011

A photo a day..for May..

The whole rhyming thing captured my interest. Wierd I know. I am going to try my very best to get a shot everyday..So here's what I have so far:

Our little Milla sucking her thumb (what the????) while watching TV. A new thing for her...Never has had the patience to sit still for more than a couple of minutes of tube watching...
To document his current wheel fascination..
Aaah.. we have located the tupperware lid drawer. ALL my kids have been allowed to play in this cupboard. Mind you he jammed his fingers in it only minutes after this shot was taken...

Had the camera out to take this shot specifically for Gran..So here it is..

Leraning to be gentle with our geriatric canine! Not going so well yet...Hmmm.

A self-timered shot..

This is so her..right now. She has specific computer time. Only half an hour a day. And she is on superclubs..A monitored, secure school-based facebooky site for primary aged kids. She chats with her friends at school. I asked her what she could possibly have to say to Tegan when she spent all day with her?? Then I remember the amount of time I spent on the phone chatting and twirling the cord in my fingers (yes it was attached to the wall!!! It was press button one though!) and I just let her go...
And of course Mother's Day art...

More to come... Well der..Lots more days left in the month..
So far I have noted that it has been difficult thinking of what I might snap each day.. But I am slowly letting go of perfection..The wet weather and poor lighting at home has made perfection VERY difficult anyways...and just getting the camera out when I have a spare moment...Is the only way for me at the moment..
It is very challenging. I wonder how my sister in law is going with hers?
We both had the same idea it seems..

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  1. wonderful photo.. fabulous idea about taking the photos.. in SM there are ideas on taking photos each day..your family is sooo photogenic!!