Monday, May 2, 2011

Daybook Monday

Reading my sister in law's blog has inspired me to dig up Daybook Monday..Well for this Monday anyway..I tend to ramble ALOT..So I won't be doing it every week..Plus the amount of spelling mistakes I make while typing makes a post this size take even longer..See? Rambling...
Outside my window..the fence and temp gate are up, the grass is mown and the sun has come out. Think I will let the girls loose out there once Milla is up from her nap..

I am thinking...that walking the lake this morning with an 8.5kg sleeping baby strapped to my front was ambitious. Yawn...

I am thankful for my sweet girls who cleaned up all the dog poo in the yard on the weekend - without being asked too. What a sight..Milla whelling around her toy wheelbarrow fillled with icky 'barkers eggs'.

From the kitchen..Fully stocked fridge and food enough for meals for the next three nights..A bag of mini mars bars that I let M buy when quite seriously the easter chocolate haul has swallowed the kids craft table whole...Sigh... Might make mars bar/easter egg slice!

I am going to hang out the wet washing after this post..Have been putting it off ALL day..Another load to do after it anyway....Cook dinner, make slice, feed baby, change baby, wake Milla, change Milla,clean up, bath kids...You know..All that stuff that comes after 3.30????

I am hoping to edit the photos taken yesterday from my Nana's 80th birthday. I have lots of requests for copies of them and I also want to print the out for mothers day for her.. Happy Birthday Nana..

I am hearing -  not much actually. Two littlies sleeping..Big girls watching ABC kids.. So the tv is all the noise and the tap tap of me on the keyboard.. Noice...Peace..

Around the house...Clean washing perched precariously on the back of the couch (it has been there all weekend)  Baby dolls of different shapes and sizes and in various states of undress around the house courtesy of Milla Moo..Mr Potato Head is leaned over apparently smooching a framed photo of baby M???   He is also legless - too much wine maybe man? Afternoon snack dishes left on the per usual..

A few plan for the rest of the week..Photo editing, washing (what's new?), Maybe a walk around our area tomorrow with my littlies, Mothers Day shopping and me trying to avoid diving into the easter egg pool. I may not resurface...

A photo to share:

My biggest girl..On the Easter holidays. My time for nice organised shots of her are limited so she has to pose during the holidays..Luckily she doesn't resist - much..


  1. WOW! what a gorgeous Photo...

  2. i LOVE this idea celeste... so entertaining! :)) ... and what a gorgeous photo x

  3. Of all the daybooks I have read in the blogging world, I have to say I enjoyed yours so much!