Sunday, May 8, 2011

The best parts of today were:

when Rylan was up at 6.30. Yes believe it or not! I decided right then to take a simple approach to my Mother's Day and appreciate the little things..

 So I took him to bed with me and yawned my way through his feed..Willing him to go back to sleep. Which he eventually did while I was patting his bottom rhythmically at 7am..I was thankful..He is my baby, my youngest..My only son..Early start? Yeah..But I go to snuggle with my little man all by myself..

When Gracie was in tears when a part of her homemade Mothers Day card went awry before I was able to receive it..I was still in bed, patiently waiting for my breakfast and presents. I cuddled her. I told her to smile and not to worry about the card. That she was happy - that would make my day special..

When they filed into our bedroom in their PJ's with presents, their baby brother, homemade cards, my toast, my coffee and envelopes filled with handwritten vouchers like: " IOU a big bear hug".. Well that was the highlight of my day..

Watching all five of them scrawled over my bed, enraptured and so excited as I read each of their cards and unwrapped their gifts..well that was quite simply...lovely.

When they cleaned the black board and scrawled the above message..I was proud to be a mother to my five little messy, noisy, sweet little ducks...

Presents shcmesents...Give me my kids with messy hair and PJ's any day..

Mind you....
 I did get a wallet,an armband for my phone and my family in stickers...
Photos of that to come..

How was your Mother's Day?


  1. HI.. my mums day was great... NOTHING beats the morning in bed with the kids..opening hand written cards and hand made pressys on mums day!! enjoy it.. i am down to one 10 year old in bed now..still very precious...

  2. HI Celleste,Im a fan, I was reading another blog and you have won a prize you need to contact 2Crafty to claim,I know I would'nt want to miss out!