Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday..

Today I am thankful..

  • for 9 SOLID hours of sleep! Yay! It won't last I'm sure...But feeling good today..
  • so I am thankful too to my darling boy for sleeping from 11pm - 8am

  • maple syrup on my porridge
  • my morning coffee
  • that I can make her laugh and smile like this..on a daily basis:

  • my very old cat who runs and greets me after my walk like he hasn't seen me in months
  • helium balloons..they make my job easier, by making little girls smile and they make great photos too:

( of my fave little people to photograph)

  • my husband who slots my return to exercise back into our 'free't ime each day like it never even disappeared..
  • blue skies and a cool breeze..perfectly Autumn..
  • milk that is delivered to my door in time for brekky..
  • yummy gourmet makes sausages, veges and mash a much nicer dinner than in my childhood!
  • my drying cupboard..Aahh..
  • vege eating children..
  • the peace of five sleeping little ones..So that I can blog...


  1. I like your "thankful thursday"...will you be making this a weekly event??
    Yay for Mr R sleeping through, even if it is only one night...

  2. Being thankful is the awesome-est... it's something I'm practising at the moment.

    Hope Rylan sleeps well again for you.