Friday, March 25, 2011

7 x12: March

The last two were right near the end and they amake me smile..The kids were pretty much over the whole thing... But of course the three big girls were still trying hard.. Milla was DONE..Rylan was close and I think Rodda and I were close to needing another cappuchino!
So 7 people 12 times got some serious kick ass this month...
I love the top one in the tree..
More shots that I love - just not with all of us necessarily:

I Luuurve this one.....

I had to include this one because dratty Miss M was ACTUALLY looking at Kirsty and her fingers were ACTUALLY not in her mouth.... Bless my other three little 'mini models'...

Oh my gosh..This just took my breath away...

I must say...that Kirst and I were perfect to photograph each other 'large' families...We both understand really well the difficulties faced with trying to capture them ALL perfectly.. Basically it CANNOT be done.. Instead we run with the motto Tara Whitney embraces "Perfecty Imperfect"...

Now I just have to decide which ones to "go large'with..
Might have to be a quite a few I think..
Look out walls here we come!
C xx


  1. These are fantastic...absolutely beautiful. Looks like you had a great time on the other side of the camera.

  2. Cecil, they're GORGEOUS!! What an easy job I had - thank you so much for ours as well. Can't wait to see some of them on your walls. K xxxx