Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sneak peek.. our reciprocal family photoshoot over the weekend..I have just seen the photos I took (and she edited) for Kirst over at her blog - here. I was so relieved and happy that they turned out for her so well.. But like the comment I left for her..A photographer can only work with the raw materials she was given..And lets just say the materials were pretty darn good..The love and bond you and all your boys share was so evident and made it a pleasure to photograph you..
So here is just a sneaky peek at some that she took for me.. and let me add there is plenty of love with this little not so little lot...More to come...

Kirst...we are definitely doing this again..


  1. Oh WOW Celeste!!! What absolutely beautiful photos and family you have!!! Ii must make you so proud!! and at times your heart must be bursting with love!!!! You are indeed blessed!! They are all absolutely gorgeous!!!
    Lou xx

  2. Oh what incredibly clever friends l have, those who make the family and those who photogragh them! xxNikki

  3. Oh they are just stunning. What a gorgeous family and that last pic is just gorgeuos.

  4. these are amazing!! really beautiful and will be cherished.. but having such a gorgeous looking family really does help too!!