Sunday, November 14, 2010

This was how my Friday went:

A 'velcro baby'and a feral toddler.
Seriously..Every shop I entered the two year had a total meltdown.
EVERY shop.
EVERY shop I apologised for her..But held my ground about her behaviour. After the last fit throwing, high pitched wailing session in Best and Less - all because she was LEAVING through the sliding doors to the road while I was trying to pay - I scooped her up, slung her little pram ( which I had allowed her to bring along duh..) over the handle of R's pram..Who was SCREAMING like a banshee because I wasn't HOLDING him.. and high-tailed it hot and fuming back to the car.. Cursing under my breath all the way..

Of course I made matters worse becasue I couldn't resist stopping at the LSS, which is on the way home..To pick up a few items...Great..She proceeded to pitch a fit there too.. I took that one on the chin..My own fault..BUT I put them both in the car with the air con running while I paid up!

Bub wants to be fed.. Will post LO's created when youngest better behaved..With scrapping products bought when they were bad!


  1. Can definitely relate - to the velcro baby and the nuclear toddler. Ollie's only now starting to be a bit more independent. Must be a boy thing - they luuuuuurve their mummies! I can't complain!

  2. lol, yes can also relate, and I only have one, but isn't it frustrating that they are about to leave through a door to the road, as a mum you do the right thing and protect them from danger, then have to try and stop them from having a hissy fit because of it.....I have a 3.5 yr old little man and he just loves his mum, I am really not allowed to far out of view, it is a great feeling. Melxx

  3. Me too, I can also relate.
    My 4 yr old screamed that much my neighbours came over and asked if everything was ok...! I felt like the worst mother in the world.
    With all the screaming that goes on there's always double the cuddles afterwards!