Tuesday, November 9, 2010

a playmat on....

CRACK! Check out the amount of toys we have attached to his mat?  Poor little mite gets plonked under there ( more than I care to admit!) and his eyes dart side to side! He has so much to look at..The poor kid is on visual LSD!

Other than the intro of the playmat this week (9 weeks old) :
  • His eyes are turning blue..Beautiful blue..Like Milla's...
  • He is wearing 000 - almost all the time..(insert sad face here)
  • Is out of newborn nappies..( insert sad face here too)
  • He can see further and loves to look at faces..He has enough in this house to keep him entertained..
  • HATES when he has NO ONE to look at..Wails..Seriously..
  • Smiles
  • Giggles ( a little bit)
  • Coo's....oooohhh yummy..and only for me so far..
  • Raises one eyebrow at me...So debonair!
  • Loves his nightly bath with Mama or Dadda..
  • Is awake LOTS more..He he can stay up for two hours and sometimes has too when I am on my own and doing the dinner/bath time frenzy!
  • Sleeps well overnight...Albeit with me..Actually he makes me sleep better..Like a natural sedative!
  • Feeds ALOT. Hungry little caterpillar..Almost two hourly..
  • He get a boob whenever he whines and he takes it! Must be a bloke thing!!
  • Poos when he feeds..Hmmmm... No manners..


  1. gota smile when i read this.. love how you write your blog posts.. or maybe it is because i can relate to it.. if only in my memories now!! he is growing so fast and thank you for letting me in on your life.. i think once a mother.. always a mother and it brings me warm thoughts thinking of my son.. now 25 years old.. thanksxx

  2. Oh my darling friend, l think you and your gorgeous husband look as gorgeous today as you did on your wedding day and l remember it like it was today. How proud of you l am to see your amazing family(stunning no less)and although l struggled to see the last few pictures as the tears were in force(so emotional these days)l just know you and Rodda are some of the lucky few to have something really special with five fab babes too. Love you! N