Friday, July 16, 2010

Quote of the day..

"Find beauty in all things....."

Once I pass thirty weeks I always struggle with my appearance. It has to do with how I am feeling..The weight of the baby..Makes me feel..fatter - For lack of a better word..
I like this photo..My husband took it and of course I edited it...
But I look nice..Content and not too big either..
I have since had my hair done too..Told the hairdresser I felt frumpy and needed HOT hair to compensate for the bulge!
So whilst I still feel the need to stab thin, well groomed women I see in the street.. I am coping with my growing girth and am embracing it..
Also..I can't wait to meet No.5...I am starting to get excited! I will leave you with a timered family photo..Taken on the same day..

Not too bad considering I had to press the button and run - heavily preggers into the shot!
Cindy is taking some family maternity shots for us tomorrow..My husband has even cut his hair..
Looking forward to it..

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