Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy birthday Olivia!

I was lucky enough to get to be there and enjoy a birthday cupcake on the day this little petal turned one.
It is lovely to catch up with her and see how much she has grown..
She enjoyed her cupcakes too!
And then it was time for some portraits to commemorate the big day..
Then back to soem quick candids to capture the moment..
And then outside..Before she decided enough was enough..
Thanks Olivia..For  letting me share you big day!
C xx


  1. Wow I am soo loving the black and white of Olivia.. She is a precious wee lass. Just beautiful... nice to check out your blog again.. I had lost you xx

  2. These are just beautiful shots! Olivia reminds me a lot of my 18 month old daughter, same colour hair and big blue eyes, similar shape face to...very cute!! wish you were in QLD so I could get you to take some for us! I just love all your shots. xx